My mission: capture stunning and invaluable art that you will swoon over for the rest of time.
AKA: your favorite portrait of yourself.



Lets shoot!

Interested in booking a shoot for yourself? Reach out! Let me know a little about you and lets chat about what you’re wanting, outfit ideas, inspiration, and schedule a time for us to plan your day!



Feel like a queen all day.

Come to the studio, visualize yourself and your future walls with the fine art prints we offer, get pampered with our celebrity quality hair and makeup artist, dressed in a gorgeous gown- and lets start shooting with your favorite music playing, the fan blowing your hair, and you getting all the direction to get some truly amazing photos



Time to see your gorgeous photos!

Depending on the type of shoot, we might be able to have a same day viewing/ordering or wait up to 2 weeks to view your images! We will choose your order and everything will be ready within 4-6 weeks!


Brandi is someone you definitely want to work with. She sees things that others don't. And doesn't take your regular, boring pictures she truly makes them magical.

- jenna 45yrs


Brandi knows what she’s doing and she is so incredibly talented. Getting your picture taken by her is such a fun process and the results are amazing. I was so excited to start sharing the pictures she took of me. She made me feel like a model!

- Deepti


My greatest fear prior to my session with Brandi is that I would feel anxious during the shoot. As a non-model, I did not want the worry of "how do I look?" at every moment to dictate what we created together. Fortunately, being with Brandi was as easy as breathing. She captured me in a way that brought me back to the true beauty I hold. Having her behind the camera was comfortable, inspiring, and empowering.

- Maggie 31yrs


I Felt like Brandi was able to get me to recognize the best angles for me to shoot in. Was much more comfortable by end of shoot

- Michelle 50yrs


Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable in front of the camera and capturing some truly special shots . You are a pure joy to be around and such a talented woman

- Franny 33yrs